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Preparing For Presentation Open Homes & Photography

A clutter free, well-presented home will always look more spacious and appealing to prospective buyers. You can assist in presenting your home in the best possible way by following the below checklist.


The simple rule to remember is Less is More


Living Area

☐Remove unnecessary furniture and clutter to create an impression of space

☐ Turn on lamps and ensure they are working  

☐ Ensure all curtains are hooked up properly and open

☐ Tidy up/hide/unplug unsightly powers chords that are not in use

☐ Add fresh flowers



☐ Tidy kitchen and remove items from the benchtop

☐ Remove all dishes from the sink including drying racks

☐ Remove all used tea towels

☐ Clear off any fridge magnets

☐ Add a bowl of fresh fruit or a vase of flowers to the kitchen bench for colour

☐ Remove rubbish and rubbish bins

☐ Remove pet bowls, litter trays etc



☐ Make the beds

☐ Clear items off bedside cabinets

☐ Reduce items on dressing tables and drawers

☐ Turn on lamps if present



☐ Put fresh matching towels in the bathrooms

☐ Clean shower screens, basins and mirrors

☐ Remove all bottles and other items from the basin/shower/bath

☐ Remove waste and linen baskets


Entertaining Areas

☐ Clear off outdoor settings      

☐ Add wine glasses and a bottle of wine or champagne

☐ If you have a pool, make sure it is sparkling clean

☐ Check outdoor lights are working


Garden & Street Front

☐ Mow the lawns                            ☐ Weed and tidy gardens             ☐ Store toys out of site

☐ Remove pet droppings             ☐ Keep cars out of sight (in garage or on the street)

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